Mid Life Crisis Edition

About Me

Well it was either train like mad for the 2009 Triathlon World Championships in Australia and probably come last (triathlon was the last thing I did for charity and look where it took me) or find another challenge that was fun and helped others at the same time whilst ensuring  there were enough reasons not to take up this sport full time (so no bike racing for me).

Enduro India provided that challenge.  2000 gruelling but fun kilometres in 10 days, passing through the 'real' India and getting to know what the country and its people are about about first hand whilst seeing the work of the charities on the ground, all without the benefit of a TV camera and full support crew.  (well actually we do have a support crew for those 'sore' moments whatever they are!)

We wear what we bring and eat what we catch or run over.  Its not without risk but it wouldn't be a challenge then would it?  Plus a number of worthy causes benefit from my participation and your kind generosity.

Overall we seek to raise £150,000 amongst the 90-100 of us going.  I am aiming for around as much as I can get.  All other costs including water, petrol, travel, Insurance and administration costs I am paying for. 

I get a new skill, learning to ride a motor bike with L plates at my age was embarassing enough, a good experience and the knowledge that a lot of people will benefit from the money we are all donating.  Thanks so much for considering supporting me, please give  what you can.


No L Plates!


In my garden on my beloved first (safe bike) which is bigger than most small cars. but just to confirm that I'd never go out without armour, helmet and gloves, but on the lawn at 5mph I took the chance....I left out the falling off whilst stationary one...