Mid Life Crisis Edition

Thank You's

 Janet Marsden £100 You must be Mad, but I like that in a person
 Ian Tobin £50 There you go Mr Gardner
 Auriol Moores £100 Watch out for that Dehli Belly!  Good Luck
 Helena Tasker £30 Take Care!
 Andy Cooke £50 Rather you than me
 Duncan Paterson £20 You'd have got more if you were cycling it
 Caroline Kinsey £35 Got to be harder than a triathlon
 Stephen Hay £100 No drinking for 10 days!
 Paul Gardner £225 Lets hope for no mossies and no upset tums
 Marta Oliveira £20 Looking Good!
 John Gardner £775 Good Luck, you're going to need it
 Dave Knight £50 Sounds like a lot of Fun!
 Debbie Manners £100 Some mid life crisis!
 Cynthia Whyte £25 Avoid the milk and stick to the veggie curries